We All Must Chop

Text to my mama

Text to my mama


‘We All Must Chop’  is an annual event started by myself (Data Pepple) to provide packed lunches to homeless people on the streets of Lagos on Christmas day.


Whether or not the city planned or intended it, Christmas in Lagos is literally a brand best known for it’s events and food. Everyone knows on Christmas day in Lagos, you’re eating some fire jollof rice and you’ve got a soft drink waiting for you when you’re done. On the 19th of October 2018, I texted my mama the following message. (Forgive the less than pleasant photograph it was my old iPhone 6 and for some reason, it prevented from taking screenshots. The text on the photo was because I intended to post this on my instagram story but then ended up not posting it because I didn’t want to speak prematurely). After this, we spoke about it several more times on the phone before I arrived in Lagos.


I have big plans for WAMC but for now, I am starting where I can. I intend to have WAMC every year, increasing the number of mouths fed each year significantly. In 2018, the total number was 100. In 2019, call me crazy but I’m hoping to multiply that figure by 20 and I am confident that with proper planning, this is very possible. I chose to do this project in 2018 on my own to prove to people that it could be done. I didn’t need a whole team of people, just my mama, my cousin, and me. Hopefully, people can recognise that it isn’t impossible and would be more willing to volunteer their time knowing that the project will most likely succeed.

This 2019, I would like to not only do this in Lagos but also in Port-Harcourt, feeding 1000 in Lagos and another 1000 in Port-Harcourt. If you would like to participate in 2019’s WAMC, please fill the form at the end of this page.

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