Rap Girls Brawl


Rap Girls Brawl is the brain child of me + too much free time after graduation. Nobody asked but I got a Law Degree by the way!!! But really, I got the idea to make this after completely demolishing my friends in several rounds of Super smash bros. as Megan’s ‘Cash Shit’ played in the background. After the game, I sat with my friend made a list of our favourite rappers (excluding my all time favourite Missy Elliott) and I began drawing. I decided to go for an 8-bit old school video game style because who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane. I’m pretty sure everyone played an 8-bit game atleast ONCE in their childhood. It was amazing how excited we would be over some basic ass graphics but they brought a lot of people (including me) a LOT of joy and I was trying to recreate that.

Unfortunately, a lot of the animation got lost thanks to my not very great laptop but my friends encouraged me to share what survived still. The reaction from you lot online was so positive and encouraging, I even got a dm from Noname herself! I’m really appreciative and thankful. I was raised to not rely on others telling me my work is good to know that my work is good and I know that, but sometimes it’s nice to hear these things. It is very encouraging! It’s the pat on the back you wouldn’t die if you didn’t have but are grateful to receive. So again, thank you all so much! Made me proper happy. I don’t know what the future of Rap Girls Brawl holds. I might just make episodic animated battles or I might make it into a free online game for everyone to play. But any decision I go with, I know it’s gonna take A LOT of time, so please be patient with me <3


Untitled_Artwork 125.png
Untitled_Artwork 129.png
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